Elevating the impoverished people of rural Honduras

In the classroom and on the ground, we are working to teach people how to help themselves.


The Valley

Project Eden's first garden was started in the village of San Francisco de La Paz, located in the Department (State) of Olancho in Central America. The village is located in a small valley formed by 3 hills, "La Cruz" (The Cross), "Cayo Blanco" (White Cay), and the hill "El Ocotal" in the South. There is no household plumbing for most; clothes are washed outside. Only a few have electricity for those who can afford it. Homes of the needy have dirt floors, no water, and no windows. The walls are so thin and "open" that you can hear animals and insects outside.


Juticalpa is the capital of Olancho with an estimated population of 33,686. Juticalpa is 32.4km (20.1mi) south of San Francisco de La Paz. The city has indoor plumbing and electricity.

The Movement

Project Eden, Inc. is a small non-profit organization that was started in 2002 to address the need for education and better nutrition in the rural Honduran population.
After 10 years, gardens are producing crops, trees are bearing fruit, and students are attending Universities.

But we can do more.
Other large "World Hunger" organizations don't operate here. There is no other help. In the San Francisco de La Paz area, there are still malnourished children, parents who can't read or write, and families that don't know where the next meal will come from.

Sponsor a student, make a tax-deductible donation or consider volunteering on the ground in Honduras for a week or two. We need you.

We have a strong, dedicated team of volunteers who are willing to answer your questions, many of whom have been down to Honduras several times. Our volunteers are the eyes and ears of the Honduran community and the soul of this movement; without their support, and without your support, the movement will be lost.


The Honduran population is estimated to be 8.1 million and covers roughly 43,433 sq. miles, which is slightly larger than the state of Tennessee. Honduras is most notable for the production of minerals, coffee, tropical fruit, sugar cane and recently for the export of clothing in the international market.


In 1998, Hurricane Mitch was the most powerful hurricane and the most destructive of the Atlantic hurricane season, thousands were killed, farmland and homes were destroyed.


In 2008, floods due to heavy rains were severe, farmland and homes were destroyed and around half the country's roads were damaged or destroyed.

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