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    • • Roughly 32% of children have access to pre-school
    • • Only 60% of students complete the 6th grade
    • • 35% go beyond 9th grade
    • • Only 14% of secondary school graduates continue their studies at a university or vocational program

Adelante (Forward) began in 2005 with eight students.  Today, we have close to 150 students in the program.  You can become a Padrino or Madrina (Godfather or Godmother) to a student and help provide them with everything they need to be successful – tutoring, home visits, school supplies and uniforms. 

Mandatory weekly tutoring is offered by local university students from San Francisco, home visits are made to meet the parents of our students.  Because many parents are low-literate, efforts are made to help them in their reading and writing skills.  General meetings include guest speakers and the progress of each student is reviewed. 


For just $250 you can become a Padrino or Madrina to a student and help change their life forever.  Throughout the school year, you will receive updates on your student, as well as a personal hand-written letter from them. 



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Your tax-deductible gift of $250 will help create a brighter future for a student and them to keep moving ‘FORWARD’.