Helping the impoverished people of rural Honduras

Education in the classroom as well as teaching agriculture to grow their own food



Project Eden, Inc. is a small non-profit organization that was started in 2002 to address the need for education and better nutrition in the rural Honduran population.
After 10 years, gardens are producing crops, trees are bearing fruit, and students are attending Universities.

But we can do more.
Other large "World Hunger" organizations don't operate here. There is no other help. In the San Francisco de La Paz area, there are still malnutrished children, parents who can't read or write, and families that don't know where the next meal will come from.

We invite you to join the movement to help fight malnutrition and to educate the rural communities of Honduras. You can join the movement by sponsoring a student, giving a donation gift, or by volunteering in Honduras for a week or two.

We have a strong, dedicated team of volunteers who are willing to answer your questions, may of whom have been down to Honduras several times. Volunteers are the eyes and ears of the Honduran community, without their support, and without your support, the movement will be lost.


Population: 8.1 million (July '11)
Area: 43,433 sq. miles
Agriculture: coffee, tropical fruit, sugar cane, tobaccoo

Production: minerals, clothing