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Family Gardens Project Eden provides all that is necessary for a family to have their own garden. The family signs an agreement to maintain the garden and we work with them in the planning, planting and supplies of the garden.
School Gardens Community gardens are located at churches or village-owned gardens. Harvested crops go towards feeding those in need and suppling food for the Food Program. Extra crops may be sold to raise money for gas, supplies and others costs.
Community GardensProduce that is harvested from the Community Gardens go to families in need of food. These families do not have the resources to have their own garden, and apply to be part of the food program.
ReforestationThe last two major floods has set the agriculture of Honduras back and devastated the plantlife. Project Eden has planted close to 3000 trees and plants in the San Francisco area.
AdelenteAdelante (Forward) began in 2005 with eight students. Today, we have close to 150 students in the program. You can become a Padrino or Madrina (Godfather or Godmother) to a student and help provide them with everything they need to be successful – tutoring, home visits, school supplies and uniforms.
Food ProgramsProject Eden collaborates with the local medical clinics to provide fresh fruits and vegetables from our own gardens to families in need of nutrition.

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